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In recent years, I have made excessively decorative pieces with unglazed porcelain.

Excessive decorativeness of my work is mainly influenced by offerings and arrangements of Asian religious ceremonies, decoration of temples and shrines.

I believe that the starting point of the art began with offerings and rituals for sacred existence.

Ancient people felt the power that was shown or hidden in every natural objects and event.

And they tried to cling to those powers by copying them, simplifying them, and arranging and decorating them or wearing them.

For me, the decoration is not a "beautifully decorating" or the like, but the crystals of serious wish, prayers and magic of the human race.


Things that are titled "***island" in my work are influenced by the origins of Asian festival offerings.

Such offerings in Asia are high mountain-shaped shaped imitating the sacred legendary mountains and islands where gods gather.

I wish that my work should be a modern tool as such offerings to call upon holy beings and invite holy existence like those offerings

KYOKO TOKUMARU​   徳丸鏡子 ceramic artist

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